TaxPass App - File On The GO

With TaxPass you are able to start your tax return, upload personal information, upload and submit your W2s and other supporting documents within a matter a minutes -- and all in a secure environment that protects your important data.

- Start your tax return
- Share documents with your professional tax preparer
- Submit your signature remotely
- Message your professional tax preparer
- Receive messages from your professional tax preparer
- Check the status of your return
- Check the status of your refund
- Look up the location of your tax office
- And so much more…

Download the "TaxPass" App to Begin Filing:

  1. Click the appropriate app-store icon to begin download
  2. Scan the QR Code or enter code: DSWSIVJF to connect with your professional tax preparer at            THE TAX PROS
  3. Begin inputting your data to start filing your tax return.

 "It's just that simple" - Paula H., TTP Client

"I love that I can know exactly what's reported on my tax return, and that I can be in touch with a professional preparer if I need assistance just by openinng the app. I love it".  - Andrew A., Client

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