Small Business Solutions

THE TAX PROS offers full payroll services for businesses of all sizes. We process payroll, federal, state and local taxes..


Small to mid-size businesses are the backbone of the American economy. However, business owners spend an extraordinary amount of the commodity known as time on keeping account records in order and payroll duties, which  leaves little time to focus on 



Our Full Charge  Bookkeeping platform includes:

  1. Bank Reconciliations
  2. Credit Card Reconciliations
  3. Year-end Adjustments
  4. General Ledger (includes fixed assest/depreciation)
  5. Journal Entries
  6. Acciunts Payable
  7. Accounts Receivables
  8. Payroll
  9. Financial Reporting
  10. Monthly, Quarterly & Annual tax reporting
  11. Sales Tax Computation & Filing


Our Full Service Payroll platform includes:

  1. Direct Deposit and Paycheck Processing
  2. Online Access–Reporting and General Ledger Interface
  3. 401(k) Deductions
  4. Tax Notifications (1099 and W2)
  5. Electronic Tax Filing
  6. Employee Access Online
  7. Full Tax Services–Deposit, Filing and Payments
  8. Full Set-up with a Payroll Specialist 
  9. Phone Input Capability 
  10. Paycheck Delivery 
  11. Mobile Technology
  12. New Hire Reporting 
  13. State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) 
  14. Garnishment Payment Services 
  15. Time and Labor Management 
  16. Human Resources Tools