Billing Policy



All businesses MUST maintain a formal “Chart of Accounts” that WILL likely be requested by the IRS in the event of an audit. We can help you setup and/or maintain your books. 

**Note: Be forewarned that electronic copies of QuickBooks files may be required by the IRS if used in the preparation of business tax returns.

BOOKKEEPING SERVICE - fees are prepaid monthly and are based on the time and expertise required; completeness of data provided and punctual receipt of all data.


BILLING POLICY – Invoiced accounts that are not paid in full within 30-days will be subject to $17/month late penalty fee. Returned checks or credit card chargebacks are subject to a $75 NSF returned items or chargeback penalty fee. Our adopted “pricing rule” is $1.00 per transaction, or $75 per hour (whichever is greater), but not less than $75.00 per month for Financial Statements.

**Note: ALL deposits are posted as one (1) single transaction unless other deposit/item/sale/product/item is tracking parameters are established.

NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER - A non-refundable, minimum fee retainer of $450.00 is required for ALL NEW ACCOUNTS ENGAGED BEFORE OCTOBER 1st.

Due to tax agency deadlines, if you are unable to bring in your records before October 1st, then you will be subject to a non-refundable minimum retainer of $900 ($75 x 12), and we cannot guarantee you will not need to file for an extension.


Fee Schedule

Your taxes are simplified when you have books by a pro!