Tax Preparation


Nothing motivates us more than knowing we have given our clients the peace of mind without the hassles of tax season.


It's so easy to overlook those deductions and credits you may qualify to receive... Don't tackle your 1040 alone. Let us do it for you.

All you're required to do:

  1. A copy of last year's Federal and State tax returns
  2. All statements of income (W-2s, Interest Statment, 1099, etc)
  3. Amounts of mortgage interest and points paid (Form 1098)
  4. Records of child care expenses including amounts and payee
  5. Amounts of any estimated tax payments
  6. Details of any capital gains transaction
  7. If you own a rental property or small business, records for applicable ownership will be required as well.
  8. List of any job related expenses

  • Moving expenses (if your move was job related)
  • Tools and other equipment such as computers, etc.
  • Safety clothing and uniforms
  • Professional books, journals, dues, union dues
  • Meals
  • Mileage


We'll help you organize your expenses and all necessary documentations to alleviate the stress and time consumption of accurately reporting your company's gain and losses.

 Document Requirements:

  1. Copy of last year's Federal and State tax returns
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. Copy of current period balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and general ledger
  4. Prior year financial statements
  5. Schedule of owner fringe benefits received
  6. Schedule of loans to/from owners including loan agreements
  7. Details of any related party transactions
  8. Copies of all payroll forms and 1099 forms for the year
  9. Vehicle information and use including vehicle leases
  10. Information on any employee benefit plans including retirement plans
  11. Details of meals and entertainment expense
  12. Any Internal Revenue Service and Department of Revenue correspondence received during the year
  13. List of any activities in other states
  14. Details of fixed assets and depreciation schedules
  15. List of all business owners including:

  • Name
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Address
  • Percentage (%) of ownership
  • Date ownership acquired and detail of distributions